I am a Business Coach. Let's solve your Money and Marketing problems with some SOUL 😉


I am a "SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR." I was born this way. I believe that we all have the POWER within to create a passion-based, heart-felt and profitable business. I created a business 16 years ago that was passion-based, heart-felt but I couldn't figure out the profitable part. That business left my bank account on zero($0) every month of its 5 year existence.  

By year 5 the financial piece finally made its way into my marriage. The arguments regarding "the lack" of money, the six figure debt and my "pie" in the sky thought patterns nearly won me a starring role  on "Divorce Court." The dream now felt like a giant elephant on my back. Did I mention I was 5 months pregnant with kid #2? Are you still with me? Can you relate? OK, I had to close the passion -based, heart-felt "money pit" business  and get clear on how I ended up on the island I affectionately named BROKE and PISSED.

I had to accept the reality of my failure without feeling like the "biggest LOSER".  I had to get clear on my WHY.  I had to get clear on my HOW.  How did I land on the island of BROKE and PISSED? Who bought this ticket?  How do I sail off into the sunset and NOT simply drown again?  How do I accept the possibilities for a future "next" business? So,  I had to reinvent what a passion-filled, heart-felt and profitable business FELT like to ME.  I had to shift, wake -up and get a new MIND-SET. FAST. A mind-set that was equipped to go BACK into the entrepreneur "ring" for ROUND 2.   

Those experiences. Those feelings of PAIN , SHAME and BLAME are REAL and are FINALLY behind me. That process/experience up leveled me into the business owner I'm today. I'm clear on what I have to do to have a passion-based, heart-felt and profitable business. This CLARITY will always allow the path way for TIME freedom and FINANCIAL freedom. Isn't that what we ultimately wanted when we started this BUSINESS OWN-er, non 2 week paycheck, I'm the CEO of ME inc. journey ? 


How did MY story-make YOU FEEL?


Here’s what I know to be true: the passion-based,heart-felt  business owner wants to be profitable. However, they are having a difficult time getting their business off the ground. They are having  a hard time getting that business idea out of their head and heart and into the world. After hearing about so many people’s struggles, I decided to do something about it…



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