My experience with my coach has created a surreal life for me. I am in a job I love, I am confident, I am surrounded by the right people, I have a wonderful partner, I am achieving so much. I am in a place in my life that I did not think I could attain. Could I have done it on my own? I think it would have been harder, and taken longer. My coach provides support and guidance that I could not have gotten on my own. It is just a wonder knowing that you have someone in your corner, ready and willing to listen to you, read your long letters and give the direction and guidance and support that you couldn't get else where. It's the reassurance that you get knowing your doing the right thing. I have always had a wonderful family and wonderful partner for two years, but I don't think I was able to appreciate them as much I have in these past few months as I did in the past. And I am so much more confident and proud of who I am. She helps put things into perspective and see the big picture. I could go on for a lifetime. To have chanced these past few months without her, is almost unthinkable. Especially with the success of where I am now.

-Shelly Forde, Compliance and Trust Officer at Coriats (Caribbean) Limited


Coach Michelle has been my coach for years. With her experience, resources and insight, I have more than doubled my gross revenue in one of my businesses, which has allowed me to pursue my passion: an entrepreneurial venture that is touching thousands of lives daily. Coach Michelle’s ability to help me be strategic,plan and execute in the most efficient and effective ways is unparalleled. I have many world class resources at my disposal, but the most valuable is Coach Michelle! If you want to take your business to the next level or change careers to pursue your passion, the first step on the journey toward your outcome is coaching with Michelle.

-Julie Keywell, Ultimate Love and Passion, New Mexico

I have been working with Coach Michelle for six months as my Life Coach has far exceeded any expectations that I might have had when beginning this process. She has helped me change my life and guide me to the path that I was always destined to travel. She is intelligent, supportive, passionate and skillful as a Life Coach. She has a wonderful way of teaching and sharing her knowledge so that I hear exactly what I need to hear it, in order for it to work for me. She cheered me on and kicked me in the butt (when needed) with equal passion! Thanks to Coach Michelle, I have changed my story from unhealthy, sedentary and overweight woman that I once was. She has given me the tools that I need to change myself internally into a healthy, athletic and energetic person. These internal changes have already facilitated a 75 pound weight loss! A big dent in reaching my goal of 130 pound weight loss! I've also become an avid exercise enthusiast and successful in all of my health and nutrition goals. Coach Michelle’s persistence and dedication kept me focused and motivated. I continue to successfully achieve and surpass each one of my many goals.

-Christina Chojnowski - Dallas,Texas

In the few months that I have been in coaching with Coach Michelle, my business Anything Vegan has taken off. She taught me how to balance my life and business issues. She helped me to take courageous, manageable, smart steps that resulted in a strong foundation for Anything Vegan. As a result, our delicious 'Anything Vegan cheese alternatives' product line is being introduced to the public this month. Coach Michelle's compassion, laser focus and dedication to clients, coaching is an investment worth making.

-Marjorie Simon, CFO, Anything Vegan LLC


All I can say is that Coach Michelle changed my life.  I was in a very confused place because I possess so many talents.  There were so many different routes that I could have taken. As a result, I tended to be all over the place.  Our coaching sessions helped me get clear on my long term goals and what I needed to be doing in the short term to achieve them. Michelle is an attentive listener with the most calming presence. Her counsel is amazingly spot on and direct. Every call left me feeling more confident and focused.  Michelle has been coaching me for some time. It took awhile before I could find my truth. Once she helped me conquer my own resistance and break down my own walls, all doubt was gone.  My sense of purpose became clear. Success came flooding in.  At this point, my educational consulting business is off the ground and thriving.  And most importantly, I feel good about myself and my contributions to the world. This was by far the best investment for my business and even more so for ME!!!  Don’t hesitate.  If you want to make important changes, invest in yourself with Coach Michelle.  Everything in your life will get better because you are better.  

- jylani ma’at, The Prep School Mom, Educational Consultant



I had been stuck in my career for many years, in a position I could not move up from when I decided to work with Coach Michelle.  She is inspiring and professional. She provided great insights and strategies to help me find my inner strength to get what I wanted out of my career. She helped me to get in control of my career path, which led to my dream job! Today I feel focused and I no longer feel powerless.  I have absolutely transformed into someone who I never thought I could be.  I did the right thing investing in working with Coach Michelle. As a result, I continue to grow in my confidence and in my career. When I look back and see my old self, I'm very grateful for my career and life transformation and for choosing to work with Coach Michelle.

-Linda Geo, Chief Managing Officer-Seattle,WA