Meet YOUR Coach





I help the entrepreneur business owner aka. 1099-ers that are struggling to make enough money, streamline their processes and  techniques so they can work more efficiently. The goal of the 1099-er is to obtain and sustain a passion -based, heart-felt and  profitable business. REPEAT, OBTAIN and SUSTAIN.

I am that passion-based, heart-felt entrepreneur business owner and will be the business coach that will help you uncover and identify whats keeping you STUCK. I have designed a 12 step program that unlocks the POWER within ( YES you got the power ) and allows you to unleash it to the WORLD.  Bottom line: I'll help you become self aware, self confident and motivated . I will help you design and achieve a lifestyle business on purpose. AKA BY DESIGN.

My 1099-er clients are inspiring and are ready to make a big IMPACT on MOTHER EARTH.  They are committed. They are fun. They bring a challenge to the table. How does that make you feel?

What does my 12 step program create???? Two words..



 I live in New York with my husband ( yep no divorce court ), and 2 children. I start my day and end my day with a 20 minute mediation. Meditation keeps my creative juices flowing, connects me with source (aka GOD) and brings on some serious calm! When I'm not in the “coaching zone”, I'm practicing Yoga,Pilates and seeking out long "mommy needs a break and a beach" trip on Expedia ALL while wearing my business owner cape.



*disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist nor a licensed medical professional. If you need assistance with an issue that I am not qualified to help you with, I will be happy to provide you with appropriate referrals.