Meet Your Coach

Michelle Kadushin is a Certified Business & Money Business Coach who works with female entrepreneurs (and a few cool men) to build a powerful and profitable brand.


Michelle is a business owner too and believes the vision of any business owner (especially women) is to be powerful, have uncomplicated systems and while still being authentic. These core values will result in a  passion -based, heart-felt and PROFITABLE business.


Michelle has supported female entrepreneurs (and few cool men) to become clear, connected and  motivated while they increased their bottom line.


Michelle teaches you how to streamline your process(es) and techniques, so you can make more money while staying committed to your passion.


Michelle is also a Certified Hypnotist, Career Coach and Life Coach.


Michelle holds a Fashion Buying and  Merchandising degree from F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology). Michelle also has a  Real Estate Brokerage License and manages her NYC Real Estate Firm located in DUMBO.


Outside of the passion of business coaching and real estate, Michelle loves to meditate 2x’s a day, downward dogging (YOGA) and Pilates and occasionally  escapes from motherhood and wife-hood via Expedia ( any beach will do!).


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*disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist nor a licensed medical professional. If you need assistance with an issue that I am not qualified to help you with, I will be happy to provide you with appropriate referrals.