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Business in a Box Group Workshop Training : Money and Marketing with Soul

This  12 week program is designed for the solo-preneur business owner. During this 12 week step by step training group coaching experience, you will learn the step by step tools in each business area of Money Mindset and Marketing. Each training class is 60-90 minutes with a handouts, exercises and mindset support.

We work on:

Week 1:

Money Mindset Mastery

Week 2:

Mindset support: 45 min one on one coaching call

Week 3:

Mindset support: 60 min group coaching call

Week 4:

Niche Breakthough 

Week 5:

How To Create Packages that Sell Themselves

Week 6:

Mindset support: 45 min one one coaching call

Week 7:

How To Charge What Your're Worth and Get It

Week 8:

Mindset support: 60 min Group coaching call 

Week 9:

Virtual VIP 4-5 hour day Branding with Archetypes Workshop

Week 10:

Mindset support :60 min Group coaching call

Week 11: Mindset support: 60 min Group call

Week 12: Mindset support: 30 min Private Call






1500.00 USD

Courage, Risks and Rewards.

In this D.I.Y. coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities! This is a 5 week course.

495.00 USD